A Brief Assessment for SMEs

Obtain an Overview in 15 to 20 minutes

Quick Check for Cyber Security

VdS Quick Check – Results Matrix VdS Quick Check – Input mask Within the frame work of the Quick-Checks we ask you to answer 39 questions about security-related issues in your company. At the end you will receive a matrix as a result showing the risk situation in your company. You can then add more data and will then receive a detailed PDF report for download .

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Quick Check for ICS

VdS Quick Check – Result MatrixVdS Quick Check – OrganizationThis quick-check supports the inventory of the IT security status of production in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It complements the existing guidance on the recognition of the general IT security status in the office IT.  Both quick-checks are therefore to be considered supplementary for a comprehensive evaluation of companies which run automation systems.

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