About us

Security is Measurable

As one of the major independent testing institutes with a focus on corporate security and safety – consisting of the areas of fire protection, security and safety, natural hazard prevention and protection, and information security – VdS is one of the world’s most renowned and prestigious instituti-ons for corporate security and safety. VdS clients include industrial and commercial businesses in all industries, leading international
manufacturers, system houses and professional specialists, as well as risk-conscious banks and insurers.

VdS is a fully owned subsidiary of the General Association of German Insurers(GDV ) and has through the owner more than a century-old tradition in the core business field of fire protection and prevention.

VdS Certifications: Confidence in the quality of products and services

Numerous accreditations attest not only to the high level of expertise of VdS, but also at the same time for maximum independence and objective evaluations. Hereby, VdS certificates give commercial and private consumers an important guidance to distinguish between high-quality and low performing products and services. Manufacturers and service providers benefit from the growing security needs of consumers who increasingly make their purchasing decision dependent also on security and safety aspects.

VdS Laboratories: A Thorough Examination

VdS operates high-quality laboratories, where type and system tests of products for fire and burglary protection are carried out. The prerequisites are, in addition to the use of modern technology and innovative test methods, the know-how and the longterm experience of the employees. The laboratories cover the entire value chain from the prototype testing up to a VdS approved final product , so that manufacturers can generate
significant competitive advantages. Comprehensive consulting – for example, in the selection and application of the applicable standards and guide-lines – rounds off the range of services offered by VdS Laboratories .

Bundling and Transmitting Knowledge

One of the main objectives of VdS is to process information to knowledge and pass this on, thus to set sustainable standards. In this way qualified training courses and conferences on the subjects of fire protection, security and safety, natural hazard protection and prevention and information security are nowadays a natural part of the training and further education of employees of companies of all sizes and industries. The VdS training program fulfils this need with around 200 events every year in Cologne and at other sites. In addition VdS maintains a diverse publishing program. The VdS – publications include the VdS set of guidelines with around 600 titles – more than a 100 of which are in English. Furthermore, a specialist book series, technical films, and the magazine s+s report are published by the VdS publishing house.